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When does parenting stop being a verb? It might be when you burn down your house or then again it might not. So I set my house on fire. Actually it wasn’t the whole house….

Where Are The Little Men in White Coats When You Need Em’?

I have been feeling just a little bit frustrated lately…out of sorts might be a better description. And kind of mad…at almost everyone. I mean I’m not out of control or anything, but I have…

Taxes and Cookies, a Holiday Tradition in Vermont

Town Meeting is in March, but everyone in Vermont was thinking about it last week. Because in Vermont, not only do you vote on ballot initiatives at town meeting, and discuss the state of the…

The Perils of Cheesecake

I used to live in the city. We told people we were moving to the mountains of Vermont for the beauty. And it was true. Plus… there was that whole armed robbery thing. It was…

Bears, and Bats, and Cows, OH MY

When a person first moves from the city to the country, no matter how long the dream has been conjured, there is still a certain amount of transition shock. This goes both ways of course….