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And The Livin’ Is Easy–

  A summer night in paradise. Steak salad with good balsamic on the deck overlooking the pond. It has been another good day in what has been a run of them, fresh and sweet in the…


Soak It Up

A soft breeze blows through the windows and the wide open front doors. I can feel it on my arms and the back of my neck. Nature is grinning at us on this sunshiny Saturday….


Freezer Cake

Do you remember freezer cake? They are not to be confused with ice box cakes which are mostly just layers of good cold trashy things like pudding and whipped cream next to a layer of…



  We have a little balcony outside our second floor office. It hovers over the front porch and has the best view of the Taconic Ridge just about a mile away. The scent of peonies…



 August in Vermont is a happy time. The gardens are bursting with color  and  flavor. Every walk to the garden means at least one handful of sweet Sun Golds. The days are warm as we…

farm setup

Fractal Geometry

We have been full up around here with mad dashes and deadlines. August doesn’t so much meander along as it races. There are back to school check-ups, forms and things to gather and buy. Many…


This time last year Eli and I were already on the island. I had work to do there before everyone could go so John and Benjamin came later. But Eli and I were bustling around…