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Make Your Own Light

 It sure happened fast didn’t it? One day we were walking with the dogs in the woods and smelling that loamy leafy smell of leftover autumn and the next we were snowed in for Thanksgiving. It’s been…


Getting Ready

It’s been a week of high winds, cold air and leaves blowing about. The wind shows up every year about now when the time changes and everything shifts from summer to winter. This year though the…


Flour Love

After a long messy run of travel I got home last night and all I could think about was getting my hands in some flour.  This time of year we tend toward cravings for nutmeg…



I met my friend Bob’s son, Dan, for the first time in New York City. He was six foot six inches tall, handsome and polite. He leaned in to conversations, and offered soft, ironic commentary….

The Turning

I love autumn. There is something about the turning, the sweet and blessed turning. It is a time of memory and reflection. For a few minutes or a few days we are betwixt and between….

Happy Easter

Mud season has just about gone by. We are now deep into the season of cleaning up, patching and putting away. The church tag sale happens every year on the last weekend of April when…

Summer 2010

Not much summer left and this one was a doozy. Some things we planned didn’t happen and a bunch of things we wished would never happen did anyway. We were on island for a bunch…