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Make Your Own Light

 It sure happened fast didn’t it? One day we were walking with the dogs in the woods and smelling that loamy leafy smell of leftover autumn and the next we were snowed in for Thanksgiving. It’s been…


Getting Ready

It’s been a week of high winds, cold air and leaves blowing about. The wind shows up every year about now when the time changes and everything shifts from summer to winter. This year though the…


Soak It Up

A soft breeze blows through the windows and the wide open front doors. I can feel it on my arms and the back of my neck. Nature is grinning at us on this sunshiny Saturday….


Have More Fun

Migraines and moods. For a week or two last month there was a run of crummy around here. I wrecked my car, lost the keys to both cars, (the computerized kind that cost a fortune…

farm setup

Fractal Geometry

We have been full up around here with mad dashes and deadlines. August doesn’t so much meander along as it races. There are back to school check-ups, forms and things to gather and buy. Many…

1820 Weeks to Go

1820 Weeks To Go

I love birthdays. Celebrating another year has always seemed like an important ritual to me. I am always glad and grateful to have had the time. The thing is I am going to be fifty…

October 24th

Twenty-four years ago the leaves were just turning orange and red all over the Midwest. The Cardinals were in the sixth game of the World Series and I was 25 years old and flirting with…