Freezer Cake

August 4, 2013 by Ellen Stimson in Summertime

raspberry_freezer_cake_16877_16x9Do you remember freezer cake? They are not to be confused with ice box cakes which are mostly just layers of good cold trashy things like pudding and whipped cream next to a layer of cream cheese thickened and sweetened with confectioners sugar and often piled high on some kind of sugary nutty crust. Ice box cakes were a summer staple at every baby shower and slumber party I ever had growing up.

But the freezer cake is something else. It is also a layered concoction but of frozen things. It is somehow a cross between ice cream and a more modern granita. I made one last week for a baby shower I threw. It was gobs of fresh mashed strawberries with some newly whipped heavy cream and some homemade sweetened condensed milk, not  the stuff in the can, but the kind you make on the stove that makes the whole house smell like sweet steam. And then for fun I decided to get trashy and so I threw in a whole bunch of crushed Oreos. And man oh man was it ever good. We had two loaf pans when we started slicing and teensy little crumbs when we were done.

Summer is a time for silly food. Fred Flinstone ribs roasted in sweet BBQ sauce with beer and corn slathered in butter and tarragon right inside its husk. When the kids were little there were homemade popsicles in every shape and taste  medley we could dream up. Sure we have the heaping garden so there are lunches of tuna served on sun kissed tomatoes and fresh sage pastas with ribbons and ribbons of the stuff barely crisped and coloring the plate. There are corn quiches and chowders, and tomato pies and veggie gratins. But there are also the fun foods. It’s August so grab a bunch of lemons and some sugar and make up a freezer cake. You can hide the Oreos underneath the toilet paper in your cart and no one will be the wiser. And I promise you that the people you are related to will love your for it.


  • Lynn Silence

    You really knowhow to torture you readers.

  • Hannah

    you made that without me??!?

  • Andria

    It was a delicious freezer cake, and a delicious baby shower. Filled with good stories, advice, and revelations. Just like Ellen.

  • annie

    I want some of this. I can just imagine sitting at your table with all those women

  • molls

    I made one last week with lemons after I read this. Lemons and what else? Oreos. I can highly recommend it

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