A Slow Corner

April 24, 2012 by Ellen Stimson in Uncategorized

Drizzly. It makes it sound cuter than it is. We have had a run of drizzly days. There was one thunderstorm which called for a nap, but otherwise it has just been cloudy and dreary. Nothing dramatic. It is a paradise of green out there right now. The new greens are beginning to climb back up the mountains and the stuff down here in our high sweet valley looks like it was colored with those really bright crayolas. But it is too cold and wet to get out and roll around in it. This is not the time to spread the quilts out in the yard. We still need them inside around our feet. Nobody is even sitting on their porches yet and Vermont is one of the great porch sitting states. The bears are awake anyway. You can tell by all of the mangled birdfeeders all over the village. But so long as they are grubbing our bird seed there must not be much in the way of real food growing anywhere yet. The old boiler keeps coming on too and good thing since we lugged most of our winter clothes up to the attic and got out the swishy skirts and linens. Winter may be over but spring, or the spring we daydream about, isn’t quite here either. We are turning a slow corner. The crabapples are covered in tight little buds and so are the lilacs. It won’t be long now. Bundle up, take a walk and build a fire when you get back. Maybe carry the quilts out in the morning with a mug of coffee, sit on the swing and listen to the birds. They are building their nests and getting ready. Here’s to spring, yours and mine. It will come just in time.


  • Library Lady

    Have you had Mud Season yet? I can't remember if it's before, after or during spring. We're doing that chilly cloudy morning, sunnier warmer afternoon and semi-frosty evening thing now. The fact that we had warm blooming spring in late February and March doesn't seem to figure in. My furnace and airconditioner think I have bipolar disease!

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