March 3, 2009 by Ellen Stimson in Eloise

Today is a really sad day. Eloise has been diagnosed with bone cancer. We will make her comfortable and steal as much time together as we can so long as we are able to keep her feeling well. If we can just get through the rest of this winter maybe we can have one more sweet summer together. All this snow and ice are especially diabolical right now.
I am as close to Eloise as I have ever been to anyone. I love her dearly. She is only ten years old, but in ten years we have made a whole life.
There has been nothing but joy in this sweet uncomplicated relationship. I cannot stop crying….


  • library lady

    Oh no. I’m sitting here in tears–I just hate to think about this. Eloise is the gentlest most loving giant, with a heart the size of her body. Some of the happiest memories I have of visiting you are the morning that Eloise would push open the guest room door and nudge me awake…and when you consider what a morning person I am, that’s saying a lot. Please kiss her for me and keep her as happy as you can.

  • Anonymous

    Dear E, horrible to read about a furbaby getting slowed down by many Summers passing by. My dog Magic is a rough collie, I’ve had him since a pup. When my family moved to Norway in 97, I told my husband I wouldn’t go unless he got me my very first show collie.. he did and I have shown him and had fun in agility with him, and he saw me through many sad times when my husband’s leg was shattered in an elk accident.. (long healing process).. anyway, when you experience this with a good dog helping you.. it’s even harder to see them slow down. My dog is going to be 12 this May, and he has some issues. Bless Eloise, warmest healing wishes from Jill with Magic in WA

  • Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge

    Oh gosh, I am so very very sad for you. God gives us these gifts for such a brief time and they are gone before we know it. I really pray that you can cherish all the wonderful memories you have.

  • Anonymous

    How awful. I am so sorry. Eloise has been one of those rare dogs by which we measure all other dogs. She’s a sweet, gentle behemoth, who has always been such a joy to be around. I still think of her as a puppy. I’m sure you’ll cherish the time you have with her, and we’ll be thinking of you guys. -tp

  • Katiedid

    Shit. I am really sorry E. I hate posts that have a single name. They are nothing but trouble.
    I will look forward to hearing more stories about your beautiful friend.

  • Kate

    I absolutely cannot imagine. I just can’t. Cuddle her close. And then closer still. She’ll cry with you. I’m sure of it.

  • jamie

    Oh, E. I am so, so sorry. I know how much you love that sweet dog.

  • starr

    Ahh.. I am so sorry to hear about your furry companion/dogchild. She sounds like a real doll. It is such a difficult time, hugs and any support I can offer for you and Eloise. They bring such a heart and soul into our lives and they are so missed.

  • nellie

    I am so sorry. Pets become part of our families and lots of people just don’t understand these losses. but there are real and leave big sad holes that you can’t cry about at work like you can when it is a person.
    I hope you two get a bunch of warm sunny pain free months.
    lots of love and hugs from here

  • beesknees

    I lost my 18 year old cat last year. More people understand about dogs than cats.I am really sorry e. I too hope you an Eloise get some more good time together

  • Mighty Morphin' Mama

    Oh E. I am so very sorry. I truly hope you have beautiful days to romp together still.
    Thank you for all your kindness and encouragement, my heart always smiles when I see you have left a comment.

  • Casdok

    Very sad am so sorry to hear about Eloise.

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