March 8, 2014 by Ellen Stimson in Springtime

imagesI think maybe we’ve made it. Got up to thirty eight sunny degrees here yesterday. It felt like you could take a deep breath. Motivated by all that shiny gorgeous light I took down the winter accouterments…mercury glass pinecones, red berried branches etc. and replaced it all with spring. I made fifty trips up and down my attic stairs and out to the woods behind the chicken house  but it is fresh and pretty here now. We have mossy branches and pussy willows in vases on every surface. There are glass and marble eggs next to bunnies where there used to be only purple and red. It is supposed to get up to forty today and the big melt is surely coming.  There must still be three feet of snow out there so the mud must be on its way too.  And I do know there is a little more snow on the calendar for next week but that’s just spring snow. So it’s time. I  declare spring  by God.


  • Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    Hear hear! Three cheers for Spring finally poking its head out beneath all the snow. Hoping we all have a beautiful season 🙂

  • Lynn Silence

    On Monday, it was up to over 80 degrees, and overnight the temperature dropped 50 degrees! Mother Nature is a mean mother!

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