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February 12, 2013 by Ellen Stimson in Marriage, Valentine's Day

Let us speak of love. Amour. On Valentines Day I am a believer. I am all for celebrating love.

I love that there is a holiday dedicated only to love. And lifelong love that you have wrested into a sexy trusty middle-aged shape is the best kind of all. A couple who have been together more than half their lives has much to celebrate. Hooray for the love that endures. We revel in our good fortune. We are grateful for the wisdom we have gleaned lo these twenty-five years. We are two people who know how to be married. I got reminded of that last year when life sent us one of those little bumps and I thought to myself. It’s okay. We know how to be married. We will not be threatened by a pesky irritating bump.

And we weren’t.

This year we will celebrate in the Big Apple. Our day will begin with cappuccino and then we will wander uptown’s antiquarian bookshops. We’ll have a long wine soaked lunch and toast the lucky serendipity that brought us together, two book lovers who share most of the same passions and a whole bunch of history and love. Big love. We’ll make our way back downtown in a literary lovefest that will end at the Strand, Union Square’s most reliable reader’s haunt. We will take the rickety elevator up to the third floor and look up William Boyd and JL Carr. Maybe somewhere along the way at Argosy or Crawford Doyle we will meet a new favorite who this time next year will have become an old friend.

In this way we will honor twenty-five Valentine’s Days and make a wish for twenty-five more.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

To love!


  • Lynn Silence

    Having just recovered from a very mean virus, I barely have strength enough to be envious of your plans. It would kill me to wander the streets of New York, but I take great comfort in knowing you and John are living proof that romance isn’t dead!

  • Moll

    I am nit normally a fan if this holiday. But this year I drew a little red heart inside my wrist and celebrated anyway
    Hope your day was as you hoped

  • Beesknees

    To love!

  • Mtnmanner

    You give the rest if us hope!

  • Abigail Mae Hudson

    My dear you and I both know the secret. Long and well married is one of the best gifts one will find in this life. It is surely not the only way. But it is a beautiful and companionable one. It is also the best lesson we can teach our children and a singular blessing they will count always.
    Much love to you and your John.

  • Holly Meyer

    Thank you. I will keep looking for the kind of love that lasts

  • Dessie

    I have been looking for a long time. I thought I’d know it when I saw it. But maybe not….looking feels hard

  • Moira

    I an a young married. We have two small kids and Valentine’s Day is mostly about hearts and glue. It is hard to find romance here. Was that how it was for you too?

  • Jessie

    God I would love to hear about your early years too? Was it always this good. Did you ever want to kill him? Or, dare I say it, divorce him?

  • Terry Matthews

    Vaelntine’s Day has always been one of my very favorite holidays. I LOVE that we have a holiday dedicated to love. Happy happy love to you and yours

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