Mud Season

January 11, 2013 by Ellen Stimson in Uncategorized


 The cover is here!

Mud Season … Coming Ocotober 1st

This is starting to get real ..


  • Lynn Silence

    It’s REAL! I loved the cover with the skirt better, but the mud boots are wonderul too! Wow. I know an author!

  • becket

    Great cover!

  • beesknees

    I will buy them as Christmas presents for all my friends!

  • Maggie Lowe

    Me too!

  • Abigail Mae Husdon

    This is very exciting my dear. I live in Amhearst Massachusetts. We have many tremendous bookstores in the towns right around me. Please ask your publisher to send you here. I will throw a party. I know many younger people so you needn’t worry that it will just be a bunch of old ladies either

  • Drew

    Congratulations. This looks like a big book, you know

  • Sanford

    Congratulations Ellen. This is pretty terriffic

  • terry Matthews

    Wow. I have been following you practically since you began blogging. I alwasy knew you were going to get published. I knew from the very beginning. Congrats Mrs P

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