Celebrating What Is

May 10, 2010 by Ellen Stimson in Mothering

Mother’s day has always been kind of a big deal around here. It is one of my favorite days. It comes at a beautiful time… spring in Vermont, when the lush greens have taken hold of the world again and the lilacs are blooming so everything feels hopeful and new.

Plus, of course, being a mom is one of the truest things about me. I am a mom, a wife, a reader, a friend and a feminist. That’s it and about in that order. So my mothering is central to who I am. When there is something wrong with one of my kids it is the greatest pain. When they succeed I am buoyant beyond reason. When there is trouble in one of the relationships, as there is now, there is a deep well of sadness. But yesterday was Mother’s Day and that is a day to be glad and to celebrate what there is. And there is plenty…always.

I woke up to old Van Morrison music lost to time on an old tape my husband had made me back when we were dating. It was blaring on the wireless speaker in our bedroom when I woke up. There was coffee with swirling heavy cream and before long we were off to brunch with our boys. That was a glorious affair of things not on the diet like Eggs Benedict and blueberry pancakes. Then there were presents, indulgent magazines and pictures of chickens and old roses. We went to see the new baby fuzzy cows and our sheep and wound up the day giggling with Chinese food and Larry David.

I have three kids. One is a music man who lives outside with his pals wilding through the village on bikes with long hair flying, another has the thrill of business and conquest stirring in his veins who loves openly and with fanfare, and one is making her way into adulthood with a premier education and animals she loves and who may lead the feminists places we never imagined going. She is fierce and powerful, the big one is generous and larger than life and the last one is hilarious and still sweet even as a new teenager.

Like all people their stories are both deeply richer and seriously more complicated than that.

But these kids we made and whom I mother have fed my creativity, challenged my beliefs, shaken my foundations and brought me the greatest joys I have ever known. I love them. And that part is not complex at all. These are my people and Mother’s Day is a day for celebration.


  • Kate

    I long to re-do those sad Mother's Days when I was full of hate. But I can't. So I love more fiercely and warmly now that I know how.

    I'm so glad you had a good day.

  • library lady

    I usually print out your blog for my anti-computer mother; however, I'm not showing her this one so that she can see what a crummy Mothr's Day I gave her!

  • painted maypole

    Wonderful and sweet, and a joy to remember the good things even in the midst of whatever heartache is happening. It is a part of motherhood, too.

    And your breakfast are the 2 things my husband always orders when we eat breakfast out.

  • Dreams and Designs

    Hopeyou had a wonderful day!!!! Missed you, glad your blog is back! 🙂

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