January 21, 2009 by Ellen Stimson in America, Liberalism, Politics

What a day…

Trillions of dollars lost, two hot wars, unemployment rising too fast to count, and still yesterday we were all united and hopeful. There was a feeling of expectation in the air as this gentle brilliant man came to Washington to steer this unwieldy mess into a safe harbor. Mr Obama walked through one door and Mr Bush walked out another and just like that an era was over and a new one had begun. The simplicity of the thing was dazzling.

He’s only one man. We tell ourselves that we mustn’t expect miracles. And even as he placed his hand on Lincoln’s Bible the market tanked and fell under 8000 points for the first time in years. The banks are worse than wobbly. It doesn’t seem like another twenty billion will do much more than stave off disaster for a couple more months. Still we keep borrowing it and pouring it in. The banks are nationalized now. If they fail we will all hold the bill. The markets seem to be begging the government to let capitalism defend itself. Let a couple of them go and let the evolutionary nature of capitalism take over it seems to shout.

And Obama’s big speech was a classic liberal package. Of course the guys in Greenwich CT are unhappy and of course the market tanked. But this president believes that capitalism is here to serve the country, not the other way round.

Still even in the direst Republican homes there is praise for this young African American family and the sweet man with the funny name. Everyone wants this thing to succeed. We have indeed chosen hope over cynicism. Because by golly this is America. We thrive on adversity. Always have and that’s just the plain truth of it. We never succeed when we try to get leaner and meaner. This is the entrepreneurial capital of the world. We like bigger and faster, stronger and braver. We will not all drive little cars and apologize for our excess. We will find two kids in a garage somewhere who invent a new liquid fuel first and they will get rich and wear funny t shirts on TV in their congressional hearings where they explain it all to the grown ups.

This is America. And in America we get up in the morning, we go to work and we solve our problems. President Obama it’s a mess, but we are all behind you. We will keep getting up in the mornings and we will fix this thing together. Good luck to you sir. Godspeed….


  • TheCynicalOptimist

    Great post. I am looking forward to and hoping to see some good changes in our country!

    Plus, that Michelle- that girl got style!

  • Kate

    Indeed. Godspeed.

  • Jamie

    It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Lots of challenges, lots of hope, and in the end, lots of progress. What a day–one that we will never forget.

  • library lady

    Despite the way I felt about Bush, I’m so grateful we live in a country where going out of the office of President doesn’t entail execution in the parking lot! Peace and hope are great priorities!

  • Anonymous


  • starrlife

    It is so nice to like my country again. And to be proud of my president. I liked the lack of drama about his speech- appropriate for the occasion- the true drama was the celebration of the people!

  • katiedid

    And now Goodbye Gitmo!

  • Bia

    Amen. Honestly, I may have not voted for him, but I do have hope and so I support him. Now we just need to be patient…it all takes time.

  • painted maypole


  • Bia

    e, I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned you today in a post I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions. Your post from a couple weeks ago really got my thinking…


  • Maddie

    You betcha!

  • katiedid

    It is hard to stay positive with the bad news pouring over us like a river.
    But there is a smart bunch of people there bow. I trust their values not like last time. We have a big hill to climb and I ‘d just as soon be climbing it with them.
    Godspeed, indeed

  • Trannyhead

    Amen. Poor guy – I know he’s bound to disappoint. He’s not a Messiah, after all, even if some people did get a bit carried away. But I just have to believe he can do something to help us. He seems so … intellectual after the unintellectual past 8 years. He seems so cerebral. And that’s a refreshing change. Good luck to him.

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