May 1, 2008 by Ellen Stimson in Liberals, Politics, Vermont

So finally I live in liberal Vermont instead of the conservative Midwest during what is arguably the most exciting political season of the century. You’d think I’d be happy living in a place where at last I fit in. But no, in fact I am irritable. Because now I live in a place where my liberal street creds are constantly in question. Turns out I liked being the most liberal person in the room. Pretty soon I will be the only person in the room, because I am starting to get mad.

Why is this? Well, gosh, anybody who still supports Hillary is a racist who can’t even add. 

She can’t possibly get enough of the pledged delegates to win, my panting Democratic cousins all scream, so she should drop out for the good of the party.  You betcha, let the little lady step aside for the big strong man. 
But here’s the dirty little secret…the math doesn’t work for him either.  They need 2024 to win and that number is mathematically impossible for both of them without the super delegates.

Now the super delegates can vote however they want which is why Ted Kennedy can support Obama even though he is from Massachusetts which went decidedly for Hillary. They can choose based on personal preference, how their state voted, who has won a majority of contests, who has won more of the electoral swing states, or who has the prettiest smile.  Golly gee whiz Beaver those are the legal rules.

And, oh, yes of course, there is some secret white establishment in the party that doesn’t want a black man to be president. Of course there is. It can’t be that a whole bunch of us, all of the big states and all of the electoral swing states as well, actually like Hillary better. Nah, we are racists.  Must be.

We have heard this argument before.  It sounds remarkably like the one that goes anybody who opposes the war is unpatriotic.  Worked for Cheney and Bush why not the Obama elitists?

Remember all the screaming when Gore won the popular vote and Bush won the presidency?  Gosh golly what if Hills wins the popular vote?  Count Michigan and Florida and she surely will.  But nooooo, they whine.  That’s against the rules. 

The only teensy little problem here, rather small, actually tiny and hardly worth mentioning really, is those rules violate federal voting law which says every American’s vote must count.  Remember the caterwauling when urban African Americans weren’t getting their votes counted in Gore v Bush?  Well, please consider the resulting lawsuits from all of the civil rights violations if the party in its infinite wisdom tries to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida.  It ain’t possible folks. There is the rule of law.

Not to mention we need those states to defeat McCain.

So, here’s a secret. I am a Hillary supporter. I am not a racist. I like Senator Obama just fine. I just like Hillary better. And the rules and the math are there for everybody.  They both need the super delegates to win. So why don’t we let the rest of the American Democrats vote including those supers?  And may God grant us all the wisdom to accept those just votes with grace, maybe some charity, and a whole heaping load of mercy. 

This silly party needs to behave better or we don’t deserve the White House.


  • katiedid

    Okay I am an Obama girl. but you make good points. I trust that the Democrats who like Hillary mostly just like her, often because she is a her. Nothing worng with that.
    I only pray that we beat McCain surer than we are beating one another

  • nellie

    I am feeling hopeful for the first time in weeks.
    Obama said he must win IN. What if he doesn’t?
    Come onnnn Hillary!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love Obama. I think he might really change the international landscape.
    But I will vote for either. I just want US to beat Them!

  • jamie

    I agree with you–I am a HUGE Hillary supporter. I’m also not a racist–I just LIKE HILLARY. This disappointed my dad, because he assumed I was hoping for “change”–which he is certain we will not get with her. I disagree. I think she will be a great leader, and has just as much, if not more, ability to initiate important change.

    It’s true–it’s fun to be a liberal in the midwest! 🙂

  • Family Adventure

    Not American, so I should stay out of this…but I really, really hope you all get your party organized – for one candidate or candidate – and BEAT McCain. That guy really scares me…


  • library lady

    As a lifelong Bleeding Heart Liberal, it galls me to be libeled/labled as a racist! I just hope that the national party doesn’t fall flat on its face the way they did in Missouri when they allowed Jean Carnahan to be defeated!

  • Ellen

    I love your blog, but the only thing that resonates for me today is the last sentence. It will be unbelievable if the Democrats blow this one. I would definitely vote for Hillary over McCain, and I think the racist accusation is so facile it’s not worth spending time on, but for heaven’s sakes there are lots of legitimate reasons many of us prefer Obama (todays news about Hillary’s views on the gas tax being the latest reason.) Still…some of my best friends are Hillary supporters 🙂

  • Mighty Morphin' Mama

    It sure has been an exciting race, even we canucks are watching with rapt attention.

  • Jennifer

    I’ll be honest. I’ve always been a huge, die-hard supporter of Bill C. and started out supporting Hillary. The way they’ve both played this thing has completely turned me off though. Completely. I’m an Obama backer all the way. (And though I get what you’re saying about the popular vote, Obama played by the rules and wasn’t even on the ticket in Michigan, so I don’t think HC has much there.)

    All of that said: all of this labeling and finger-pointing and in-fighting between the Dems is GOLDEN for McCain. He doesn’t have to DO anything except sit back and watch these candidates knock each other out and pave the way for him with a red carpet. It is beyond frustrating and I wish they’d both (all) just get it together, already. GRRRR.

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