Winter Redux

February 27, 2008 by Ellen Stimson in Cabin Fever, Snow, Unrelenting Winter, Vermont

Vermont got another foot of snow. And I had actually written the words spring cleaning the week before.. Pure folly. March typically gets as much snow as January does up here. This was sort of a particularly beautiful snow. It was wet and icy here in the days just before, and the snow is clinging to all the branches, a little fluffy inch of pillowy sparkle making every stand of trees look enchanted. Except it’s supposed to be spring somewhere and we are all, or a whole bunch of us anyway, sick of it. There is harrumphing and, some of us, are forgetting to be thankful.

Winter seemed magnificent in December, and it was too. So it probably still is. Nothing about all this excess beauty, or the clear skies, followed by night skies filled with stars, warming pots of thick Guinness stew, and kids bundling up and sliding down the driveway for one more sled run before bed has changed. It’s just that the catalogs show tan women in skirts and strappy sandals. And the calendar promises Easter in March. Plus our skin is dry despite fancy creams and homemade recipes. And those clever boots that looked like John Denver’s are stiff from being wet all the time, and no longer quite make you feel like singing Rocky Mountain High.

I am telling the people I am related to that we need to look for the blessings. I am telling them because I need to remember. Because it does get to you..winter. It does. There is always something that gets you through though. Some people deal with it by calling up talk radio, arguing at the general sore about the price of the whatever, and yelling at slow moving people in parking lots. Some people take beachy trips and come back with those ostentatious tans so people will ask then where they have been. Others eat pounds of cheese, add cream to their spicy hot cocoa, and wonder how they will ever find a big enough swimming suit if summer ever comes back.

There are alternatives. There is American Idol and families huddled in front of the fire cheering for their own favorites remind us that Tuesdays will be fun. There are a dog and cat that are running and rolling together in a wild game of chase playing madly inside while they wait for spring to come outside. There are debates and a political season exciting enough to keep everybody warm from the discussion. There are always cookbooks and a new dinner to try, You can reread an old favorite comfy novel, or plan a trip even just for a day or two. A change of scenery can work wonders. And remember to celebrate the winter with a sleigh ride, thermoses of cocoa for the kids, and something more grown up for everyone else. You have to embrace it, get out from under the covers and go somewhere. Take the dogs. Plan something. Throw a party. Buy flowers. Add color. Change it up. Hurry. Do not yell at people in parking lots. And maybe substitue half and half for all the cream… steps.


  • Kat

    I know exactly. I am fatter than ever. I like your classification, Unrelenting Winter. Yes exactly
    I want to be one of the people with the flashy tans

  • bessie

    its hard to think about anything else up here. and yes DRY SKIN!. it is absolutely impossible. how about the hair? hat hair, dry and flat besides.
    why is all the crime in the summer? because winter people are the strong ones.

  • katiedid

    Spring does always come…well, so far anyway

  • library lady

    Ah, if only someone had said to you when you announced your intention of moving to Vermont, “Do you know how much snow they get and how long it stays?” Of course, to be really effective, someone should have added, “Do you know how dry your skin will be?” On the other hand(the part that hasn’t flaked off), I have the dry skin, hair and static electricity and none of the beautiful scenery to go with it.

  • margie

    Add Baileys to the cream. You are missing the requisite alcohol with the caloires

  • TheCynicalOptimist

    This is good timing as I tried to hang myself with my favorite Coach scarf last night. Maybe winter isn’t worthy of ending it all…. but it IS close!

  • Kellan

    I love how you are looking for the “Upside” – you are a girl after my own heart. Of course, I don’t have to live or deal with the snow you have had (it sounds wonderful to me most of the time), but … it will be Spring soon – it will and in the meantime, it is nice to try and enjoy the Season. Take care – Kellan

  • Anonymous

    Buy spring magazines and make garden diagrams. Hang them on the refrigerator and put some pots in the kitchen window. It will come. It will

  • Don Mills Diva

    You are an inspiration. Yes, there is beauty in winter and it doesn’t help to complain. I will try and bear it a little more gracefully thanks to you.

  • Law Student Hot Mama

    You can always follow my solution . . . drinking! It always helps me feel warmer, somehow . . . unfortunately, that whole single parent thing puts a damper on that method. Ah, well . . . I guess I have to resort to Easter candy.

  • Angela

    I am so ready for spring… can we seek the blessings in that??;)

  • Teachin' this mommy new tricks!

    Wow you guys are still getting snow. My husband is praying for it up here in Alaska. We have had a pretty snowless winter and he is dying to go snow machining. I wish we could help out and switch the weather 🙂

  • Bia

    I’m feeling almost guilty because some of the flowers and trees are just beginning to bloom over here while so many of you still have SNOW!

    But I am also a little envious because being snowed in is something I have never experienced.

    Anyway, God bless and spring WILL come!

  • Jennifer

    Oh, it does get to me, too. It does, it does. Despite American Idol and other distractions. 😉

  • Angela

    You’ve been awarded…come get it

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