A Pleasure Mr President

January 5, 2008 by Ellen Stimson in Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Politics, Vermont

We are a political family. Living in Vermont right next door to New Hampshire just makes the presidential season all the more exciting. And this year the politics are the hottest they have ever been in my lifetime. This is the first year since Herbert Hoover in 1928 that there is no incumbent vice president or president running for the job, thus producing a wide open and exciting field. (Some people cite the race in 1952, but even though Truman withdrew, his vice president Alben Barkely lamely ran for a short time.)
Add to that the glamour of a first ever viable female, African American, and Hispanic American running, and you couldn’t keep us out of New Hampshire.
Benjamin and Eli skipped this one, and boy did they miss out. And yes, that’s Bill with our daughter Hannah..We chatted with him, and Hillary and Barack.
We are a family divided in our political preferences right now, but even the Hillary supporters were mesmerized by the electrifying Obama. His speech, and the enormous reaction of the crowd brought Bobby Kennedy to mind.
We feel certain we have met the next president of the United States….even if we don’t quite agree on who he or she
might be.


  • Anonymous

    hes a good talker. but she has been a doer all of her life. he mainly seems to run for the next job.
    how about edwards?

  • Anonymous

    Edwards cannot win with all the pizzaz from the black fella and the woman. So i pick the her. She, and we, have been waiting in line behind
    his people for generations. It’s our turn

  • KAT

    And we’d get a twofer! (Your hannah is lovely)

  • beeskness

    I LOVE Obama. I want his ideas, and the young people back. Isn’t amazing that we are all excited again?

  • Anonymous

    Good for you for involving your kids and for encouraging dissent in your house. Our kids will be bettter citizens with parents like us who encourage this kind of thoughtful consideration.

  • library lady

    Hannah looks wonderful–so does the first President Clinton, as a matter of fact.

  • Margie

    You must be a whole lot better about him to let him get so close to your girl….

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